Review: G O’CLOCK (the film)


G O’CLOCK (the film) by Mitchell Marion

A super-slick slither of London’s current ChemSex culture. Mitchell Marion offers us an insight into what is arguably the UK’s sexual buzz subject of the moment. His short but tightly packed 10 minute film serves up a sexy, seductive veneer of glamorous, erotic hedonism but don’t allow the six packs, pecs and penises on display to distract you from the ugly truth that is bubbling and boiling underneath.


It’s great to see an alluring, almost irresistible representation of ChemSex. That in essence is the very danger and potential pitfalls of the epidemic after all isn’t it? The film has a clear narrative executed incredibly well by it’s cast and steered beautifully by Marion’s style and shot choices. Although the story is clear the message is open to interpretation. And that’s what this film does excellently. It challenges you to question, to discuss, to reflect and to explore.


There are no judgments or sermons from this film. If you are a ChemSex-er or not, there are situations and scenarios here that you will recognise and there are issues raised that you will be faced with time and time again.


I enjoyed G O’clock. It kind of makes sure the sexy stays in sexual debate and sexual health. It felt like a very well delivered introduction to something much bigger from Marion. I hope that hunch was right. Make sure you catch a dose of G O’Clock when it drops…

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