FUCK other STIs


It has become clear to me over the last few months that we have a very real problem as gay men. We really don’t talk about our sex lives HONESTLY. Particularly with regards to sex and condoms. This is one of the main reasons why we have seen new HIV infections rise and rise – year after year. 6000 new HIV infections were diagnosed in the UK last year alone (and countless others that are yet undiagnosed). I’m going to go way out there and just state it as I see it. Put moral judgements aside and stop debating what we (gay men) should and shouldn’t be doing. The simple fact is that people do not always use a condom for penetrative sex all the time, every time. Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of mine who had told me previously and several times that he “doesn’t really ever bareback” but he did at the weekend. He’s now on PEP for the next month. In my own case, even though I had spells of busy sexual activity, I didn’t bareback that much or over a long period of time. And when I did have condomless sex I always tried to box clever. I of all people am very real proof that no matter how HIV aware and educated you are – you can’t outsmart HIV on your own.

If I had have been able to get PrEP I would still be HIV negative.

PrEP is only about HIV protection – it doesn’t claim to offer protection against any other STI. So it’s infuriating for me to constantly hear this “what about other STIs?” sensationalism and attempted counter claim to the benefits of PrEP. It’s like saying wearing a seat belt won’t stop you getting cancer! Of course it won’t! It’s not designed to protect you from getting cancer – it is designed to help protect you in a car should you have a driving accident. PrEP and HIV protection is exactly the same. PrEP is amazingly effective at protecting you from HIV! That is what it is designed for – nothing else. Every other STI can be immunised against or cured – even Hep C (Harvoni is the new treatment). Yes, drug resistant gonorrhea is obviously a concern but you can catch that from oral sex. And realistically…how many people wear a condom for oral sex? Very few. You can catch every other STI from oral sex.

So please stop and think about this before screaming about ‘other STIs’ when discussing PrEP.

In my experience people who want PrEP don’t want it to START barebacking – they want it because they ALREADY ARE barebacking.

They are aware that they are taking risks and they just want to protect themselves. Personally I think that is amazing and that these guys should be commended.

I have so much interaction with the users of our website. It’s incredibly inspiring and exciting. This has been an amazing year for HIV awareness, anti-stigma and HIV prevention developments. Next year is going to be a hugely transformative year in the HIV arena. The future is PrEP – the future is here!

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3 thoughts on “FUCK other STIs

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  2. Thanks to the author’s website I have found out about accessing PrEP at an affordable price. I told myself I would never bareback, but that was before I started having sex. I am amazed how people can speak as if sex is the same as buying a house: when you are in that moment your judgment is not as strong as it was before you start to fuck. Also, I find it quite upsetting that I have to be negotiating a condom at all times.

    After three occurrences of engaging in partial barbacking (i.e. I started off with a condom), I told myself I need to take steps to secure my health. I bought the Biosure HIV test kit and after coming away with a Negative result (following 4 weeks of stress), I purchased my supply of PrEP. I know it is important to be negative in order to take PrEP, so to be on the safe side I also took another HIV test through HIVTestUK for confirmation, while I wait for my delivery of PrEP.

    I am super excited that there is such a thing as PrEP to protect MSM from becoming HIV infected and to fight the stigma that HIV is a gay virus. I am so angry to know that there are people who set out to shame responsible PrEP users. Such naysayers obviously love the existence of HIV/AIDS.

    Thank you Greg Owen, for your unselfish effort in the fight against HIV. For your sake, I do hope a cure will come about in your lifetime.


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